Best Car Transport and Car shipping Company in the United States

The Best Car transport and Car shipping Company in the United States – Car Transport-Car Shipping Company, about time you meet the best!

Are you looking for a car transport company? Your wait is over! Providing you with the best car shipment and transport services, Elite Car Shipping is here to serve all your transport needs!

The number 1 Car Transport and Car Shipment provider

Being customers’ number 1 choice, we meet all the supreme standards of transportation, that too at an incredible price!

Welcome to Car Transport-Car Shipping Company! Satisfying your needs is our priority; the customer always comes first!

With decades of experience in the business, we offer you all kinds of vehicle transport and shipment services. We are an enlisted and a licensed entity for transporting and shipping cars inside and outside the United States. Obtain a free quote now, and let’s get rolling!

Whether you want to ship your car locally or internationally, we provide you with first-hand services; your fulfillment is our number one priority. Our highly qualified logistics teams take it upon themselves to find the trailer that is best suited for your vehicle and a suitable driver for your valuable vehicle.

We handle all the paperwork essential for overseas shipment as well. So paperwork won’t be a trouble for you either; we have got it all covered.

Car Shipping Company

As the number 1 choice of our customers, we have a reputation to maintain when offering top-class transport and shipping services for your vehicle. We ship vehicles, both overseas and inside the United States too.
With loads of experience on our hands, Elite Car Shipping Company provides you with first-class car shipping services with a highly adaptive and customized shipping process designed and implemented with your shipment and transport needs in consideration.

Choosing the right driver and trailer is extremely necessary as each car has different dimensions and types; in our express shipping, we do this work for you. Every step of ours is carefully recorded and documented for your satisfaction and the essential know-how of the process.

The shipment we provide is impeccably safe, and there’s a guarantee that it will be on time as well. Your prized vehicle will be handled with utmost care and caution, even when it has embarked on its transport journey. For the same reasons and to enhance your confidence in us, we offer insurance coverage for your vehicle as well.

Our Car Shipping Process

So, you have decided that you want to ship your car and use the help of Elite Car Shipping Company in doing so? Great decision! Here’s what you can do now:

  • Tell us a bit about your car (model, make, year), don’t be afraid of going into details; we’re here to hear you.
  • If you want to know the quote first, avail of our free quote policy! You can compare the quote with our competitors if you like.
  • Select the service that best suits your needs.
  • Let us know when and at what location you want the delivery to be made (and from where and when should your vehicle be picked up).

By following this simple procedure, you can easily get started doing business with Elite Car Shipping Company. And now, when the process has started, you don’t have to worry about a single thing. You and your vehicle are both in good hands.

Car Shipping Cost

There is no fixed cost for the shipment of a car. As there is no standardized cost, the cost mainly depends on the nature of the task to be performed.

Many factors play an important role in determining the cost it would take to ship your vehicle, including distance (how many miles we’d have to cover), place, routes, your vehicle, and the type of service you opt for. All of these factors combine to make out the ultimate cost to ship your car. You can rest assured knowing that in the end, you’ll only get the best cost as compared to our competitors!

The types of car shipping quotes include:

  • STANDARD QUOTES – Standard quote, the most affordable one. However, you may expect some delays, and your car is shipped in a compact space.
  • EXPEDITED AUTO TRANSPORT QUOTES – Best for remote locations. As remote locations are reached in this quote, it’s natural to expect a higher price.
  • RUSH QUOTES – Better care for your safety needs and greater reliability at an added cost.

The ultimate price for your car shipment also depends on the type of service you opt for; the types of services we offer are:

  • ENCLOSED AUTO TRANSPORT – This is our most expensive service; your car is put in an enclosed trailer (from the best container companies) as it is shipped. This method is highly secure and comparatively quicker.
  • OPEN AUTO TRANSPORT – This is by far the most affordable service. HOWEVER, there is always some risk with this service, including the risk of theft and exposure to bad weather conditions.

Car shipping companies

There are many car shipping companies available in the market today, but Elite Car Shipping Company is by far the BEST, and WE are not the ones saying this; our customers say that! What makes it stand out is the provision of its services at the BEST rates in the market. That’s right! You won’t find such rates anywhere in the market. You can obtain a free quote now and compare the prices with our competitors!

In addition to that, we have a huge customer base that acknowledges and adores us for our services. You can see all our positive reviews and testimonials for proof! We are a 5-star company with the best vehicle shipping services in the US; you can trust us with the process.

Ship car across country

We live to serve and satisfy our customers. For the same reasons, we strive towards offering only the best and the most pocket friendly services to make our customers content and happy. Our services include shipping your vehicle across the country. Overseas shipment is no worry with Elite Car Shipping Company as your ally!

Are you thinking of moving outside the United States? Or, thinking of shipping your car to a loved one outside the US? Or, perhaps have some other reason to ship your car? Choose Elite Car Shipping Company as your car shipper!

We offer the best prices for overseas shipments to add to our top-rate shipment services. Our experts recommend that you reserve your quote a few weeks before the actual shipment occurs. This ensures timely and flawless delivery, and we get to plan way ahead of our time.

An overseas shipment usually takes about 15 days. However, if your shipment is to or from Hawaii or Alaska, it may take further 2 to 3 weeks. If you want it before that, you can always opt for our urgent delivery services!

Car Transport Company

Having numerous drivers continuously running to and from other States, we have what it takes to deliver you the best interstate car transport services. These drivers are extremely skillful and adept at their jobs. Elite Car Shipping Company has an extensive customer base that trusts us and has faith in our process. We will always get the job done right; that’s a promise.

Being extremely proficient at what they do, our highly experienced and qualified personnel guarantee you the satisfaction you yearn for while transporting your vehicle. We have highly adept drivers and a $100,000 insurance coverage policy in case of any damages. You can sleep peacefully knowing that your vehicle is in good (and safe) hands.

Car Transport Services

Being the customer’s choice, we offer services best suited to your needs to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction.

These services include:

  • A devoted and enthusiastic customer service that is always there to listen to you and your needs.
  • Free and precise quotes can be obtained before you opting for our services.
  • Affordable and competitive rates.
  • Extremely secure (including the option to go for an enclosed car carrier) and timely transport services.
  • No upfront or advance payments. You can pay us when you get the delivery!
  • Highly experienced and licensed drivers have what it takes to make on-time deliveries.
  • Picking from and dropping at your pinned locations.

Are you looking for Car Transport Companies

Being the top pick among other car transport companies, we have had the drive to pursue greatness, and that has led us to generate the finest model of vehicle transport services for you. We have what it takes to stand out among other car transport companies.

With up-to-date auto carriers for the safety of your cars, skilled drivers, and expert handlers, coupled with the cheapest options and dedicated customer service, we are at the front. That is how we entertain a high volume of customers, and those customers acknowledge us by voicing out their positive reviews.
We also offer to get the paperwork done while transporting your precious vehicles.

Car Transport Cost

We can’t exactly pinpoint the car transport cost as there is no standard cost for it. The reason for this is the price depends on many factors such as:

  • The distance to be traveled,
  • The dimensions and type of the vehicle,
  • The delivery location and route to be taken,
  • And most importantly, the type of service you opt for (whether open or enclosed). If you opt for enclosed transport, the cost will be greater than if you opt for open transport due to the added safety.

Car Transport Quotes

If you are not sure whether to select Elite Car Shipping Company as your service provider due to the cost, you can always obtain a free quote and THEN decide.

The free quote we offer is 100% accurate, so that will eventually be your actual cost. Furthermore, it’s essential to know that our quotes are the best in the industry for your peace of mind! Go and compare them now!

The Car Transport Quotes we offer are:

  • STANDARD QUOTES – This is the most affordable quote. There may be delays in this quote, and the cars are transported compactly in constricted spaces.
  • EXPEDITED AUTO TRANSPORT QUOTES – Vehicle shipping best for remote locations at an added price.
  • RUSH CAR SHIPPING QUOTES – The best quote for additional security and reliability.

Auto Transport Services

With Elite Car Shipping Company, you can get your vehicle where it needs to be—swiftly and securely to your destination. We give our customers our extensive experience and knowledge in the industry that go hand in hand to guarantee the most charming and trouble-free auto transport process.

Being a reliable and trustworthy auto transport company, we work with updated and well-kept trucks driven by our qualified and licensed drivers. We even give a $100,000 insurance coverage policy against any damages that may occur in auto shipping for customer satisfaction.

We suggest you book auto transport a few weeks before the transport, it has its benefits in planning and implementing the process.

Auto Transport Companies

Being in the business for decades, we know how things operate. We have gained the confidence of our customers to safely say that we are the best among other auto transport companies. We are approachable, and we are affordable. Customers and Elite Car Shipping Company go hand in hand. We document each step in our process for accountability and maximizing customer satisfaction.

You can track your vehicle during each step of our process.
Working in the same line for years, we still strive towards betterment. This and our incredible services make us stand out among other auto transport companies. We are committed to achieving a better process that has even greater innovation than before.

Auto Shipping

We offer door-to-door auto shipping for your added comfort. Being experts in auto shipping, we are extra careful and cautious while handling your vehicles. For the same reason, we even give insurance coverage in case any contingency arises. You can take before and after pictures for comparison if there’s a doubt; in fact, we encourage you to do so!

Got an exotic or classic vehicle at your hands? we recommend that you go for enclosed auto transport for additional safety. In enclosed auto transport, the trailer is shielded from the inside by roof and side panels to guarantee that the vehicle transport doesn’t leave so much as a mark.

Auto Shipping Companies

On the lookout for the best auto shipping companies in the United States? Elite Car Shipping Company ranks in the top three!

We are considered one of the best high-tech and affordable auto shipping Companies that offers many top-notch vehicle shipping-related services. We ship vehicles both domestically and internationally.
We are proud to have an experienced logistics team who will ease you in picking the right trailer, the service, and a driver who will ship the car for you. We walk our customers through the process so that the customer gains an in-depth knowledge of the process.

Auto-shipping quotes

Before opting for our service, we offer you a free quote as any top service provider would. This quote is accurate, and you can use it for comparison with other auto transport quotes from other companies or to budget your expenditures.

When talking about shipping, there are many things to consider for determining the costs to ship. The time of the year, the service you have opted for, the car carriers to be used, the distance to be traveled, and the size of your vehicle are key here.


We at ECSC believe in effective communication with our customers. Our customer representatives are highly knowledgeable and have great communication skills; you can always reach out to them if you have any queries relating to the shipment process. We’d be happy to help or assist! You can contact us anytime.

How much does it cost to ship a car?

There’s no fixed price. It all depends on the type of service, the distance, and the type of your vehicle.

How to ship a car?

  • Request a free transport quote.
  • Describe your car in detail to us.
  • Pick the car transport service most suited to your needs.
  • Schedule the date for pickup and delivery.

Does eBay ship cars?

No, eBay does not ship cars. You can come to us for all your car shipment needs.

How much does it cost to transport a car?

There’s no regular price. It mainly depends on the nature of service, the distance to be traveled, and your vehicle type.

How to transport car from one state to another?

First, you need to contact us and get a free quote for transporting your car to another state. Then, you can reserve a shipping time. After that, you can confirm your request, tell us the shipping route and the estimated delivery time. Later your vehicle is picked up after a thorough review by you and our driver. And the process is done! Now the delivery has been made, and you and our driver can make one final examination of the vehicle.

How much to ship a car?

It depends on many factors like the service, distance, and the type of vehicle.

How much is it to ship a car?

There’s no fixed price. You’d have to tell us a bit about the car, the destination, and the type of service to get a free quote for the shipment of your vehicle.

How much does it cost to transport a car?

Reach out to our customer representatives over call and give us your details to obtain a free quote!

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